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Roti Kirai Sets (Chicken Curry) – SOLD OUT

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Pre-Order for now open. Choose your Set A (7pcs) or Set B (25pcs) + Chicken Curry. Available for Pick Up @ Pasir Ris or delivery from 12nn onwards. Free peanut egg salad with every set!

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Business Type: Home-Based


Rempeyek Rawit SG is a home-based business that serves freshly made crispy Rempeyek, Tumpi and Teri Medan. We would occasionally open preorders of various other dishes like Roti Kirai with Chicken or Beef Curry, Nasi Lemak Melaka, dessert such as Ondeh Ondeh & Badak Berendam as well as Sambal Belacan & Sambal Ijo.

Rempeyek is a deep-fried savory cracker made from flour, egg and fabulous spices that will tingle your taste buds. Our batter is light and thin with your choice of toppings

(Rempeyek=Peanuts, Tumpi=Green Beans, Teri Medan=Whitebait Anchovies)

Our Spicy versions are well sought after and we only use the freshest chili padi and canola cooking oil which has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which make it the healthiest cooking oil out there.

Please note: We strive to prepare and package our products to preserve the quality of the food. Keep in mind the temperature, sauce, and consistency of some products may vary slightly after being packaged.

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